Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Since there's no one actually reads this blogsite, I'm thinking to whether close it or leave it as what it is all these while. Update it once awhile when i feel like to.

Work, has been so so to me. Job scope is mostly follow up till a big project comes up, there goes my time and pilling paper work to be filed. I kinda have this hate-like feeling towards organizing events, hope you get what I mean.

Well.. Hope this year will be a great one to me, be it career or lifestyle.

TIll then.

Monday, October 11, 2010

iM on diet!

For this very time, I have to mean it for what I confess!

Yes, I'm going on a diet plan, not strict, but healthier and lighter diet and it is officially starting on 10/10/10, special date to mark the start of my diet plan, good!

Yesterday's breakfast was a little too heavy, had Cantonese Fried Yee Mee + Coffee, lunch would be steam bun with butter and milk tea and dinner was Bak Choi, Ginger Chicken and a soup that literally blotted my tummy :)

And for today, my breakfast was hot milo + ham sandwich. I'm going for rice with green vege later for lunch.

Everyone is going healthy lately, most of the people I know had tone down a lot, i really meant a lot!

weight as of 10/10/10 : 54kg

next weight will be on 17/10/10

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Yep, today I'm going to talk about the progression of my treatment from Damon System, also known as one of the latest braces treatment. The braces have been attached for half a year now, and I'm really contented with the result taken place.

This is taken on 5th September.

According to my dentist, she claimed that my upper teeth has been straighten, pretty fast I would say. But not the bottom. My dentist had tried to changed the steel during my last 3appointments but failed.

If you see clearly, there are 2 extra sticks attaching both sides of my teeth. That is to force my upper teeth to align with my bottom teeth. I seriously don't know how it is gonna work base with that 2 pieces of small thing, but I believe that my a little face transformation will take place as my teeth will be pulled inward.

I'm looking forward for the next appointment and hopefully my dentist can figure out the ways to fix my two front teeth which look quite imbalance now.

Monday, July 26, 2010

can i work at home?

iPOS is a system I need to log in to almost every day, if not for work purposes, its a system that capture our clock in & clock out time for work. Each iPOS works differently for each dept. As for my pc, the most essential component which I must have will be the Master Clients which is the master of handling ALL client's issue. Sales analysis will be the secondary as I have my hands on it only once awhile for report.

I've been doing almost nothing in the office since last Wednesday, except for surfing the net for countless times, to and fro from Facebook to replying emails to checking on the latest trend for anything. So much time but nothing to do.

I begin to be very worried because I still have hundreds and thousand of members' data waiting for me to enter, and to add the 2 weekends, I haven't entered to iPOS for 6days, including today!

I seriously have an urge to ask my manager can I reply all the emails at home since it will save quite a bit of item starting from my expanses to office and the electricity I use at office which I think is seriously a waste of time and money. I can do it at home too.

Jamie had gone home since she has no appointment today, and we had lunch at Paparich. FULL and I'm feeling super heavy in my brain and its like going to shut anytime. Tuition tonight till 9.30pm, dreadful Monday :(

Monday, July 19, 2010

saturday day out.

I was taken out by Eugene last Saturday for a very satisfying breakfast :) It was being said for a long time and we finally made our way there. From pictures shown at Facebook, and review from some people I bumped into their blog site, its quite a place that people would spend their lovely weekend morning at such environment. Apparently, the owner of this shop is a chinese chap. Interior and exterior gave a tad-bit of European feeling, quiet and cozy.

This is it!

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

pastries, bread, awesome sandwiches,
cookies, log bread etc.

Below are our orders. It would be more if we have more stomach :)
Mushroom Tomato Ham Cheese Crust Pizza.
This is not in the breakfast menu, taken
from the bread and pastries section.
Turkey Ham Epi.
The ham was good but the bread was bit too tough,
I believe it will blend well with mushroom soup.
Breakfast Set.
Simple but taste really delicious.
hidden sausage in the beef bacon ;)
my Cup-a-ccino
Eugene's Latte.
Very smooth.

We had a good time enjoying our breakfast which we yearned for a long time. Sitting down looking at the people came with just friends, with partners and even with family. It was just wonderful. Me and eugene are going back there for more.

If you are a breakfast and pastries people...

You should give it a try :)

No 7, Jalan Delima,
55100, Kuala Lumpur.

Operation Hour:
Open daily 8am-8pm

Contact Number:
+603 2142 6611

Its in between Pavilion KL and Prince Court Hospital.

Google the Google Map!

Eugene bought movie ticket for us since we have had not watch any movie for a long time. I suggested Inception starring Leonardo De Carpio since it was highly recommended by Sarah. Indeed it was awesome, it turned out to be awesomely awesome. I have had to say it was by far one of the best movie I've ever watched.

Guys, do not be deceived by the lack of publicity, but even so, you should at least give yourself a chance to try, you might like it. I didn't regret. But be prepared for a long 2hr+ movie that you need full concentration. So its advisable not to go there when you're dead tired or after a meal. Go in with full of expectation :)

Yup, that Saturday was indeed a day loaded my stomach with food. Sakae was our late lunch after movie because Eugene got 2 RM10 vouchers from sister and its going to be expired in a month. We've got RM20 off the bill and we only paid RM16.

It was also Eugene's grandma's 75th Big Birthday, I was being invited to her house for more food. Typical home cook food for a party, but nonetheless, I had good time eating.

A birthday shout out to Grandma! Blessed 75th Birthday!

My prayer to you is that you will have long life, and super good health. God has given you a very talented fingers to make good food for us. I pray that you could do more for as long as you live on this earth, and most importantly, you will be saved in the presence of the Lord. Although you're Eugene's grandm,a, but I've always treated you as a grandma of my own.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Phantastic Phuket - Day 4

Day 4 means the end of the whole trip. But it doesn't mean we pack and back to KL. Our flight was at 9.05pm Thai hour, minus 2 hours for check in and some shopping at Phuket Airport's Dury Free shop, we still have daytime to spend. We managed to get back the friendly driver 'Fat' who fetched from airport on day 1, to send us back to airport on our last day. But this time it was his friend, still as friendly as him.

The group of us quickly took some time to swam at the pool for last shot after our breakfast. Although it was only an hour but we had good time. Pack our stuffs and headed for check out. Again I've to emphasized that Thavorn Beach Village and Spa's service is superb. And I thought people at Thailand is always friendly, and I'm being honest.

Day 4 was the day we did last minute shopping. We literally went all the way from Patong to Phuket town and out of the town to get Cashew Nuts, all thanks to the driver whom doesn't know English at all, only basic, and I mean really basic.

Raw cashew nuts.

Huge Jackfruit

We went to a mega market, some sort like a wholesale store that sells EVERYTHING. We went shopping and get everything we want. Junk food heaven! And is dirt cheap.

Counting money, everyone was almost broke at day 4.
Saving up for airport fearing that our luggages will overweight.
They are known as checkers,
even their t-shirt explained all.
The checkers will standby at the exit and check the item list from the receipt before letting the customer go.
Things that we bought :D
Every single one of us were broke, saving all that we could for a decent dinner before heading back to KL, we can't be going back with and empty stomach and knowing that airport's restaurant is a money slaughterer :D We wanted something cheap and nice, this Food park is located in a shopping mall, all thanks to the driver again for bringing us there because we requested it.

Mini sushis 10baht per pc.
Beef Noodle.
My last order before leaving Phuket.

Our departure time was supposedly 2105 thai hour, but the flight got delayed 35minutes after we printed out our boarding pass via kiosk. We were okay with that because eventhough reaching KL it will be 2315 local time. We happily check in those overweight luggages and made our way to the duty free shop, the guys were busy picking their favorite liquor and also busy collecting passports to purchase more. It was only 7pm then when we did our shopping, waited for 2hours and really anticipating to board our flight back home because everyone was really exhausted. Suddenly, the screen in front our platform shown a different time of our departure, and it came with a broadcaster informing that our flight has been delayed to another half an hour. If you are a regular Air Asia customer, you would know their frequent flight delay habit I would say.

We reached LCCT at 0030 local time. I was really really dead tired and slept through the journey from LCCT back to Ampang.

Phuket is really Phantastic :D Did I mention the expanses of this whole trip? Oh btw, I've got this Flight + Hotel package for only RM600 for 4d3n. It was really a lucky one because after 2 weeks when we check the price, it has gone up to RM800 and above. :)

This whole trip cost me 10000baht. Do the math :)

Give yourself a chance to explore Phuket, we have lots more places that we have yet to explored. It will be my list again :D

Phantastic Phuket - Day 3

Hey there, I'm back to complete my Phantastic Phuket - Day 3 post! I really need to have determination in completing what I've left dangling, and here I am. Without any further delay, I shall briefly share what had happened. Day 3 was free and easy for all. 3 couples went to get souvenirs and did some shopping while me, eugene, joshua and fanny stayed back to utilized our resort's facilities. We swam, ate, kayak and even went for spa.

view at the pool (part of it)
Pool Side Villa
Elephant standing shower
Thavorn's Pizza
Coconut Ice-Cream
Club Beef Burger
Interior of the SPA

Outdoor shower
Mini jaguzzi attaching the SPA

It was dinner time, we dined at a restaurant at the cliff. With an expectation that it will be windy and spectacular scenery, but it failed us tremendously. Not only it has no wind at all, the service was bad, food was so so but pricey and to sum it all, horrible. Pictures below were those above so so rating which I find that is still edible :)

Beef Fried Rice
Pineapple Fried Rice
Lobster Spaghetti

We got our butts rode on a Tuk-tuk only during our last night, 300baht for 10pax from our resort to Phuket night market. I salute the drivers like seriously, if you've been in a tuk-tuk, you know what I mean. Those drivers can really drive skillfully escaping every possibility that might cause accident, like how to manage a sharp corner turn, overtaking another tuk-tuk?
10pax in a tuk-tuk
me and siew went for manicure & pedicure.
200baht for just basic and 300baht for color.
Everyone has to get their feet clean before entering the pa-lour.
Its located at the night market, 2 doors away from Addidas.

Day 3 ended with loads of drinks and a time of chit-chatting with one another. We were dead tired that night, everyone went to bed early.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Eve!

Saturday dinner was at colleague's house, celebrating her daughter's 1year old birthday. What a memorable birthday, for us, not for the baby girl. I bet she was feeling oh-so-curious, why is there so many many people at my house?! But to us, it will be always remembered. This little baby's birthday celebration cost 7times of my 21st Birthday celebration, and I cannot imagine any further how would her 21st Birthday celebration be like, a trip to tour around Europe, with her favorite friends? oh...

[From left] Chloe, Felicia and baby Eve.

Once again, Happy Birthday baby Eve!
Wish you good health and grow in wisdom and stature!

10min post for 3.6 tea time

Yep, my last weekend (sunday) was rather a fulfilling one.

Morning - served at church till afternoon, attended XEE class till 4.30pm
Afternoon - 5pm @ Starhill Gallery for 3.6 tea time which applicable for selected restaurants which are Shook, Fisherman's Cove, Luk Yu Teahouse and Pak Loh Chiu Chow! Alright, this is AWESOME.
Evening - Karate Kid @ Pavilion
Night - Germany vs England match @ Boston Pandan Indah.

Fulfilling, not? Yep, indeed it was!

I'll take the remaining 5minutes to share the 3.6 tea time @ Shook!, Starhill Gallery. I got to know this offer from colleague, which she had been there for like 3weeks, she claimed she had tried almost all dishes in the menu :)

I wouldn't say the food were superb, but the flavour just blended well with my taste bud, so ya. Except for 1 dish which me and eugene particularly like it.

Pictures below are all we had during the tea time which only cost RM3.6+ per serving.

my order - Cranberry Mojito
eugene's order - Lemon Lime Punch
appetizer - Prawn Cocktail with Spicy Japanese Dressing
appetizer - Deep fried Seafood Fritters with Chili Dip (so so only)
main course - Clam Spaghetti
main course - Prawn Spaghetti
main course - 6inch Pepperoni Pizza
main course - Grilled Cumberland Sausage with Mashed Potatoes and Onion Sauce
this has to be rated for *****stars
dessert - Vanilla Ice-Cream served with fruits
dessert - Banana Pancakes with Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

The total bill was RM42, our orders were exactly 10 items. So average per serving was RM4.20 after GST. Worth your pennies? Up to you to judge :D

Oh well, heard that its not just once and for all, eugene read from the menu that July 3.6 will be coming up soon! Don't you miss it dudes and babes.

3.6 Tea Break Promo @ Star Hill Feast Gallery, KL
Starhill Gallery 181,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Try us on Wibiya!